Looking to Buy a CTLS?
Hampton Airfield is an authorized dealer for Flight Design, right here in North Hampton, New Hampshire!

CTLS Offers Roomy Comfort:

Amazing Visibility:
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The Flight Design CTLSi is a modern, fuel injected all-carbon-fiber Light-Sport Aircraft with a wide, comfortable cabin with unparalleled visibility; a 1000-NM range at 115 Kts using less than 4 gph!

Synthetic Vision Full glass panel, Garmin radio and a BRS airframe parachute are all standard equipment.

Flight Design LSAs are backed with a nationwide service network, next-day parts availability from an established company serving more than 1,800 airplanes worldwide. Surveyed owners express high customer satisfaction.

See our 2013 Brochure Here!
See our Limited Edition Model Here!

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