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Daily 8:00AM until Dark
Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas
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Hampton Airfield Inc.
9A Lafayette Road
US route 1 North Hampton, NH, 03862


Investment Opportunity - This Airfield (7b3) is a great opportunity to invest in an exciting and fun business. The most important assets of this business are the great Customers/Pilots that call Hampton home. This historic NH licensed commercial grass airfield is home to over 80 aircraft and 10 businesses. The Airfield has had continuous Piper Cub training since 1946. The Airfield is a complete general aviation facility.

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  • Airfield consists of 35 Acres of Industrial/Business zoned land
  • Airfield has a 2000' grass runway
  • Airfield has 40 nested tee hangars - all fully rented
  • Airfield has 17 open shed hangars - all fully rented
  • Airfield has 7 end storage units - all fully rented
  • Airfield has 2 Maintenance hangars: 50x60 - 60x100
  • Airfield has 2 heated end hangar office units - both rented
  • Airfield Cafe seats 50 + Deck - currently leased & well run by the Aversano Family
  • Airfield has 21 Aircraft Tie Downs spots- 12 leased
  • Operation Office has student/instructor area, simulator room
  • Underground Monitored Fuel system - (1) 10,000 gal 100LL & (1) 6,000 gal auto fuel
  • Airfield has 8 site leases granted
  • Airfield has approval for (6) 60x60 Pvt Hangars to be built and sold as condo hangars
  • Flight school consists of (2) Piper Cubs & (2) IFR Cessna 172s
  • Beachfront Scenic rides in 4 Pax 1930 New Standard Biplane
  • Banner Towing by Tenant Business operator
  • Support equipment: Dump truck, (3) old 1/2 ton plow trucks, Backhoe/Mower
  • Home to EAA Vintage Chapter 15
  • Aircraft & Equipment Optional and negotiable for turn key operation. Airfield will only be sold as and must remain an operating airport. Open acreage for additional commercial development.
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